Fort Worth, Texas

Upcoming Events

From 9am-6:30pm, one hour all-levels classes that offer a preview of what we offer, our mission and our approach to culture, movement, and community! Kids 8+ must be accompanied by an adult.

Join us on Saturday, June 3rd for Community Class! Suggested $10/class.

Join us April 24-29 for an immersive week of Capoeira Regional and the Cultural Arts of Bahia, followed by a Festa de Batizado! Workshops in Capoeira Regional, including the Balões of the Cintura Desprezada, Musicality, Berimbau and the game itself. Workshops in Atabaque, and Folkloric Dance as well.

Questions: email, or call or text (817) 586-2146

Tentative Schedule:

  • Monday, Apr 24: 6pm Atabaque, 7pm Folkloric Dance (@Ondas Community)
  • Tuesday, April 25: 10am Capoeira Regional, 5:30pm (Kids) Capoeira Regional, 6:30pm Capoeira Regional (Ondas Community)
  • Wednesday, Apr 26: 6pm Berimbau, 7pm Folkloric Dance (@Ondas Community)
  • Thursday, April 27: 10am Capoeira Regional, 5:15pm (Kids) Capoeira Regional, 6:00pm Capoeira Regional, 7pm Musicality (Ondas Community)
  • Friday, April 28: 6pm Percussion, 7pm Folkloric Dance, 8pm Capoeira Regional + Roda (Ondas Community)
  • Saturday, April 29: 9am-1pm (Trimble Tech HS); 3-5pm (Ondas Community)

Check out other weekly classes in partnership with Ondas Community.