Fort Worth, Texas

Kinder, Youth and Family Classes

Strong Communities. Strong Families.   

Capoeira is built around strong communities, and builds strong communities; communities are built around strong families and build strong families.  Our Family Classes  (ages 3-12) offer the special experience for children and parents to learn together and teach each other, as you work to common goals and overcome common challenges.

Parents and children can train together in our Family Classes, focusing on goal setting, physical fitness, and mutual respect.  We provide a supportive environment that equally engages and challenges adults and children, with a focus on healthy living.  Our goal is to help build strong families and strong communities using the principles of Capoeira Regional.

Capoeira builds confidence and strength for both kids and adults, creating leaders everyday while promoting teamwork; encouraging creative expression while teaching discipline and physical control.  And, of course, it is an amazing workout!!

Common goals, mutual support.

Our Family Classes offer a convenient way for parents and children to work together physically and mentally.  Capoeira Regional is a full body workout that is exciting for every age and every fitness level, and it is mentally stimulating as well.

Capoeira Regional cannot be separated from the music of the berimbau and the pandeiros, clapping in rhythm and singing in Portuguese.  Parents and children alike are exposed to the sounds, the rhythms and the instruments, while learning Portuguese along the way!

 Taking classes together as a family allows you to work together toward common goals supporting each other along the way.