Fort Worth, Texas


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          We offer a variety of Capoeira Regional classes!13730784_530987980422951_6807319073569182722_o

                       Kids +Family Class (ages 5-10)

                                                Adult Class (ages 11+)

                      We also offer Music and Portuguese and Folkloric Dance and Percussion Class!

Fort Worth Capoeira keeps a simple class structure, regardless of the age or level. 11062266_369494199905664_8612635989830180729_o

We warm up with simple movements at the beginning of each class.

Next we work on specialized exercises, either with partners or with targets, doing a small number of repetitions of many different combinations.  If needed, the class is split into turmas, or groups, depending on the level of each participant.

After we move through our specialized exercises, we practice the Sequencia de Ensino de Mestre Bimba, a unique sequence of basic movements developed by Mestre Bimba to help people to learn the game of capoeira quickly and effectively. 

 We then put our efforts into practice by playing in pairs to the sound of the berimbau

It is a simple method, but it works!