Fort Worth, Texas

Upcoming Events

Community Class and Roda

Saturday, April 13

11:30am-1pm – FREE Class

Join us for a taste of what we do here at Fort Worth Capoeira:

  • Percussion (this month: Puxada de Rede)
  • Folkloric Dance (this month: Puxada de Rede)
  • Capoeira Regional

All minors must be accompanied by a guardian.

May 10-12

Uma Vivencia na Capoeira Regional

Mestre Nenel, Mestra Preguiça

Afro-Brazilian Dance with Prof. Gustavo

Registration is now open.

Friday, May 10:

– 7pm Maculele (Mestra Preguiça)

– 8pm Capoeira Regional (Mestre Nenel)

– 9pm Roda

Saturday, May 11:

– 10am Capoeira Regional (Mestra Preguiça)

– 11am Bate Papo

(lunch break)

– 1pm Afro-Brazilian Dance (Prof. Gustavo)

– 2:45pm Kids/Parents Class

– 3:30pm Cultural Show/Festa de Batizado/Presentation of Certificates

– 4:00pm Roda

Sunday, May 12

-11am – 2pm Berimbau Course (Mestre Nenel)


Friday Only : $65                    Friday w/Tshirt: $75

Saturday Only: $90           Saturday w/Tshirt: $100

Berimbau Course: $75              Single Activity: $35

Friday+ Saturday w/Tshirt: $150

Fri, Sat, Sun w/Tshirt: $200

Tshirt Only: $20

Registration is now open.